The Peak Performance System

Stephen Pratley
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Do you get to the end of each day and find you to-do list is longer than when you started?

Do you see younger players getting ahead of you, launching new products and making sales, while you struggle to get anything out of the door?

These people aren't gifted with infinite energy. They don't have any remarkable skills. The difference isn't about "time management" either.

They've simply developed the habit of making small steps towards a goal each day.

Habits are hard though, so I dug into all the research I could find on productivity and that getting more boils down to two simple skills:

1) Getting started.

2) Maintaining focus, even for just a half hour at a time.

3) Repeating this day after day.

The most effective people do the things they need to while they still have the energy they need.

They manage their days so that the important tasks take priority over the annoying interruptions that de-rail the rest of us.

Then they use very basic mind-hacks to get their brains past the point of resistance to the point where not showing up would be more painful than starting.

I pulled all these things together into a planner that covers 90 days - 13 weeks, 3 months, or one quarter. However you want to look at it.

This is enough to get a serious project done.

- Write the draft of a book

- Create the first version of some software

- Create an online course

- Build a YouTube channel

- Start a Twitter following

I've done all these things inside 90 day streaks of focus.

And you can too.

All you need is a simple system to provide you with the right prompts at the right time of day to do the right thing.

That's what the Peak Performance System is.

It includes:

1) Goal setting sheets to make sure you're choosing activities you will be motivated to stick with over 90 days.

2) Daily planners to make sure the things you need have a TIME to do them.

3) Weekly review sheets to see where you're doing well, and what is de-railing your efforts.

4) Instructional videos on how to use each part of the system

Also, for more advanced users, I've included two incredible audio track to "tune" your mind, even when you've not had the best sleep or the day has got off to a bad start.

Bonus 1) The Morning Meditation

I know, I used to think this stuff was all woo-woo too.

Then I read a bunch of interviews with world-class investors, athletes, CEO's and writers who ALL talked about the power of meditation to get their hedas clear and ready to work.

This is the one I use each morning when I need a bit of extra calm and focus.

Bonus 2) The Sound of Focus

An hour-long binarual beats track that literally synchronises the two side of your brain to reduce distraction and create effortless concentration on the task in hand.

Before I used this I'd find myself nodding off in as little as 10 minutes reading.

Now I can keep concentrating for an hour or more and my recall is as good as when I opened the book.

I had this created as a custom track and it's much easier to listen to than any of the ones I've ever found on YouTube or Shopify.

I've kept this priced competitively low, because I want as many people to benefit from these tools as possible. I mad these for myself but after I told a few people about them they told me I HAD to release them.

The only reasno I'm not giving them away for free is because they'll just gather dust with all the other free guides you've probably downloaded.

Just think what one single hour of extra, top quality work is worth to you today.

Then multiply that by 90 days.

Then the rest of your working life.

This could be the single best investment in yourself you ever make. One that pays back every day of your life.

So, give it a go. There's a 30 day money back guarantee if you try it and it just doesn't work for you, so the risk is all on me.

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